Disabling IP viewing for certain roles
So I've recently made a forum along with moderator roles etc but I disabled posting IP viewing (which the only I could find), but on accident one of the moderator went to a profile and was just taking a picture and sending to a person I saw the IP listed in the bottom left corner of the picture. It freaked me out which I ended up closing it.

I just want to know a way to disable all ip viewing for moderator or certain role. You might be saying "why don't u just disable it all by editing some javascript code [insert link to forum here]", because I don't want anyone to break the rules and try to bypass or find a loophole. If I disabled all ip viewing even for administrator I won't have access to IP ban those that are violating the rules.

tl;dr :  is there any way to disable IP viewing for a certain user group.
The only ranks that should be able to view IP addresses in posts would be Super Moderators and Administrators. You can untick "Super Moderator" on the group to remove this ability, but this also removes some of their privileges. Regular members cannot see IP addresses unless you say so.
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IP addresses in posts.
They can go to the member profile.

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