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Hi all,

I asked this question a few years ago but have returned again to impose the same... 

How likely would you be to purchase premium content for MyBB, whether it be a plugin or a template? What are your current thoughts of the template/plugin market whether free or paid?

I have browsed around the past few days at some recent increased activity and have noticed more people releasing new content. While most of it free, everything is more on the basic and relatively unfinished side of things. Which is totally okay because everything has its place and I do understand we all start somewhere. Hell, I think this is the first template I released here almost 7 years ago ! haha

Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are!
A larger variety of fully responsive themes is something we really lack, so I could see them being well sought after if there was more to choose from.

From my perspective, most of the responsive themes that have been created and sold were one time exchanges. Not themes that were available to the entire community (i.e. more than just a few or just a single person) to actually get their hands on. I believe the cause of the lack of growth with MyBB's premium content stems from just that. (With responsive websites becoming more of a standard these days, a lack of it obviously prevents growth and things begin to lag behind.)

There aren't enough people with access to premium content because of the sheer lack of it. The only time I see premium content in rotation is when foul play is at hand (people ripping and sharing themes/plugins without permission).

Those are just some of my thoughts with the community market.

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