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Not Solved Forum statistics bloated?
Not Solved
I have some doubts whether the forum statistics are correct because the numbers between the on-board forum statistics and google anayltics differ quite a bit. In google analytics using a filter view for the forum, I disabled the counting of bots & spiders, but does this make such a big difference?

Here the numbers:
The Forum Statistic says 24 users were online within last 15 mins.


Analytic says there were 2 page views / minute -> I count this as two visitors within the last 15 minutes.


Are MyBB statistics bloated or are there just so many spiders & bots? Does anyone have an insight into board statistics and how bots and spiders bloat te mybb statistics?
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Google Analytics leaves out a lot of bot traffic because it relies on Javascript almost entirely to operate. Certain bots use User Agents that are easily detectable, and it's purely so Google Analytics can provide reliable data most of the time.

You'd be surprised how many web crawlers / spam bots are out there.
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Thanks for that Downfall, I was thinking towards that direction. Perhaps if a board has more real visitors, the relation bots vs. real people then changes.

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