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Not Solved [How To?] The best solution for editing a template
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I wanted to ask what is the best solution for editing the template without getting original default template.

I thought this,

1. In the default template create stylesheet.css and and add changes here.
2. Create new template.

Iam beginner with MyBB, can you help me with this and say, how to the best resolutions for editing the template so I can not break the official template.

I dont understand Mybb system in templates, its look quite complicated.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with editing the templates. In fact, that's where most of the editing takes place. Templates are where the HTML changes take place and the stylesheets are where the CSS changes take place. They serve two different purposes.
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I think you should use the default mybb theme as guide and at the same time your basis.

When you want to add some css just go to global.css found in Themes>your theme
Then go to Templates>your-theme and start editing the layout.
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