My BB Master Style Theme problem

My Theme is My BB Master Style
in that theme i tried out to increase the fonts of forum name and forum description (marked as 1 in the attached image) but accidentally change the alignment (shifted from left to center no. 2 in the image), know i dont know that what to do? and how to reset all things.

please see the attached image, in that image there are two numbers 1 and 2

where for 1 , i wants to increase the font size
and for 2 , i wish to align them back to left where no 2 is written 

Please help

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If you just using the default theme why don't you revert all changes? There are options available.

By looking at your posted snap it seems you are using MyBB 1.6.x? If it is then we strongly recommend to upgrade to latest MyBB 1.8.x family as support for 1.6 series has been dropped for like 3 years back.
thank you very much for your reply

i want to revert but i am not sure that exactly where i made the changes, as all those changes reflected after deletion of cookies, before that i was trying by refreshing the pages.

no my version is newest  as it is 1.8.15. but as the forum is not fully developed that's why it seems like old one

the link is

at the beginning all forums and categories were in the left but now are in center. and i want to increase fonts as for mobile users fonts are too small

please guide
Reset your global.css. All of your problems rooted to that only ...

[Image: Untitled_3s.png]
No change there

The problem was due to changes in global.css

Is it safe to delete/recettes that one?

Thanks in advance.

Also suggest steps for increase the font size
I just said about. global.css only
Big Grin Big Grin 
In hurry I did wrong thing.

Thanks a lot.
Half Problem solved

How to increase font size??
Please suggest.

body {
font-size: 20px;

For example... In global.css

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