Creating a migration for attachments from punbb
Hi, y'all Big Grin

I'm new into THIS place but been using/testing/fiddling with Linux since late -90's. I'm an Admin for a forum with almost 7k users and we sure need to migrate from punBB, this is the first place I found a migration tool that, as far as I can see now is fully working.

I'm trying to create a migration for punBB's attachments, since there ain't one but doing this is REALLY time consuming.
I wonder if there is a "tool/platform/wutever" you developers use to debug the code you create? ...line by line.

I use an already existing migration from another system, can't recall which one now, and since I have no clue how that system works, tables and column names and what their data is etc, I have to guess and try and if that will work or not. If errors occurs I have to delete everything!!! in the mybb database and do it all over, this since there ain't no "merge-restart per function", if you know what I mean Toungue

What can I use? Is there a "platform" you developers use? Do I have to do it over and over with 'echo' and 'print'?
(By platform I mean something like in MS - Visual Studio)

PS. I'm a newb not a n00b in php/css so a bit away from being able to create something from scratch.

What are my options?

PS, have a great 'weekend' [I'm off on Thur/Fri so... 4 days of 'hacking' Big Grin Big Grin ]

UPDATE: I'm also creating a translation for my native language in case some people would like that, I know my users would Toungue
Development of the MyBB Merge System (1.8.11) has been put to halt, but the last version supports migrations from punBB 1.2

I recommend you to check it out to see if it works for you.

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