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[For 1.8] BankPipe – Subscriptions and payments manager with PayPal and cryptocurrencies
I think the permission have to be 777.
(2021-08-12, 10:42 PM)Omar G. Wrote: I think the permission have to be 777.

I have also tried 777 and same problem.

Also tried doing everything from 0 got the updated version from your github, uninstalled current plugin and updated everything accordingly.
Given 777 to the files like stated and same issue.

I am on php7.4
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You should use the old package, ignore mine and the simply apply the core edits yourself:

My edit should have solved the issue but I did not test, I can't test right now to see what is wrong with my edit but I'm sure your issue is related to the fix I shared before.
Wouldn't that be awesome if users could use their NewPoints* to subscribe or pay?
No. BankPipe is designed to work with real money using a payment multigateway. Newpoints cannot be integrated.
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