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Hello, everyone. I remember someone dropping this code at a different MyBB forum that officially hosts the Ignored Forums plugin, and I know one issue that I've always had with View Unread Posts is that it ignores one's own settings to ignore certain forums. For example, if Forum A is ignored and gets new posts, while Forum B isn't and still gets new posts, then when someone clicks View Unread Posts, content from both Forum A (ignored) and Forum B (not ignored) will be listed in the results.

Here is the code that I was referring to, in which you add to the Ignored Forums' plugin file:
if($mybb->input['action'] != 'getnew' && $mybb->input['action'] != 'getdaily' && $mybb->input['action'] != 'unread') return;
See the last part of the code, where it says "unread"? Even after changing it to "unreads", nothing happens.

Therefore, I decided to replace View New Posts (header) with View Unread Posts, and just have "getnew" take prominence. It works fine, but I would like to know how to make threads already read by the user not show up in the results, even if they hadn't yet marked the forums as read.

Is it possible to get Ignored Forums and View Unread Posts (search string "unreads") to work together? That's always annoyed me.

Thanks in advance.
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Bump. Any help?

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