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Not Solved stop chinese spam
Not Solved
We've had a massive hit from Chinese spam lately. Is there a way to just completely block chinese letters being input at all? I dont want to block china the country, but i would like to block anything not obvious English.
Not Solved
You can try the SPAM blocker & auto ban plugin which allows you to input specific words/characters and it will delete any post that contains those specific words/characters.
Not Solved
@0xB9 I guess the suggested plugin didn't help him much? (or not?) coz if you see the 'Thanks' section of that mod page the Plugin requester's name is our OP Big Grin
Not Solved
I didnt even know he made a full legit plugin lol

i have a similar custom plugin that just denies the user from posting at all when that word is input. i put what i googled the top 10 chinese characters in to block them from posting. It works as expected.

I wasnt sure if there was a default MyBB method to just ignore non ascii characters or something. The problem with that plugin and my plugin that i am using to block chinese characters is i have to manually insert each chinese character in. Im not even sure how many characters in chinese there are, or whats most common to not have to put them all in. They all just look like drawings to me lol. So even if i put a list of them in, im not sure if i have all of them.

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