Not Solved Multiple upgrade ?
Not Solved
My forum was at 1.8.12
I downloaded the changed file for 1.8.13
And I downloaded the changed files for 1.8.14

I Uploaded the changed files successfully to achieve version 1.8.13 
Next I uploaded the changed files for 1.8.14 
Everything works.

Problem:  The ACP shows "You are currently running MyBB 1.8.13 whilst the latest generally available release is MyBB [b]1.8.15 (1815)."[/b]
Question_1:  Shouldn't it be showing that it's running MyBB 1.8.14 ???
Question_2:  What should I now do to get updated to 1.8.15 ???
Not Solved
If it's showing "You are currently running MyBB 1.8.13" then you haven't upgraded properly to MyBB 1.8.14. Furthermore, you can update MyBB directly to 1.8.15. I suggest restoring your files and database and following the instructions here.

You need to do a "Full Upgrade" and not a "Changed Files Upgrade".
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