Not Solved [General] Last Acitivity, Registration - Date missing
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in the admin control panel are no dates shown, as you can see on the screenshot.

I already re-uploaded all the language files but it didn't help.


Any ideas how to fix that?
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It seems like it can't display "today" and "yesterday".

In which language file do I fix this?
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(2018-05-29, 07:19 AM)Miho Wrote: It seems like it can't display "today" and "yesterday".

I am having this issue on a forum also, any solutions?
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Can you clarify this a bit more?

'Today' and/or 'Yesterday'... specifically, what info do you want from this?

Posts? Visits? File Transfers? All of it? Exactly, what do you want in there?

This is what shows up on my 'Browse Users' function using the 'Card View'.

It does show 'Last Active'. Is that what you're looking for?

[Image: 20a72ca2e30dea651814c99645384cf6.png]
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I had updated an older board to the current version, seems I was missing some updated files.

To clarify the issue a bit more, the Today and Yesterday from the language files failed to show like in the screenshot in OP.

Solution can be found within these changed files here.

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