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College Hockey fan forums
i am finally back, after a really long time off the boards. sorry for being missing in action this long. i been helping my friend with a website that we run with another board. but anyway. i present to you the College Hockey fan forums. no i do not have a damn name for it yet, but am using my gopher domain name. I am using mybb and i know the logo is default. i will get that change and try to make one. but i'm not that good with making logos.


anyway any tips or comments is welcome. i am working on the colors. but like the colors i have now. love the theme i download from a link on this board.

so tips and thoughts and comment. site is unavilable as i got my own domain.
This forum does't exist anymore !
What's hapened ? Sad
it working now. i had a period at the end of the url sorry.
Goin' with my local Miami Redhawks!
i am also working on a website. i will show it to you all soon.
the new website for the forums is now complete. will almost have to change the colors on it thought. not sure if i am allow to put my website here or not. so here it is for now. you can remove it if you feel it not allow to be posted.

In firefox I don't have access to "Password". In other words... your menu (login form) bar it's over "Password".

[Image: 000.gif]

[Image: 001.gif]

Why !?
Umm... your forum isn't MyBB.
[Image: destroyerjf8.jpg]

Give us your feedback about MyBB in this thread and become listed on the MyBB website.

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