Solved: 5 Years ago Guests Unable to View Content on the Index
Solved: 5 Years ago
When logged in, everything works as it should. The header for the site is in full view for everyone to see (so long as they remain within on the site's INDEX page) EXCEPT for when guests view the index. Currently, only members can view the header shown below. I'm unsure as to why this is and would like to find an answer~

I appreciate and value any help you may be able to provide!!! <3

[Image: rXbYlX4.png?1]
Solved: 5 Years ago
I can see your header everywhere as a guest.
Thing is the size of the header image is HUGE. You may consider optimizing it.

Yours were 2.77 MB, I have optimized it down to 228KB. If its a browser caching issue the background will load much faster now.

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Solved: 5 Years ago
Thank you! I will definitely update the header to that file, thank you for providing me with an image of a lower size. And apprentice there was an extra ending div in the header_welcomeblock_guest template that I had to delete, the welcome bar is now viewable by guests now. TY for the help! <3

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