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[Sold][Vortex]- HTML5 Tableless responsive theme
This item is no longer for sale !!!

[Image: uzNeuPd.png]

Vortex is a gaming based mybb (1.8.15 as of right now) with a complete tableless rewrite. I've opted for discord color palette ( The idea for background image to appear in header / footer (split view) came from WoW guild page. I've shaded edges with radial gradient approach so that images aren't visually popuping from the rest of the theme. Avatars idea came from IPS4, instead of images (needs a plugin for that) i'm using plain text avatar (with first letter of last poster).

Desktop -
Alternative styles -
Mobile (responsive) -
Hi Johnny, nice theme !!

Look here how to get the embedded vids in posts responsive. Wink
Hi Johnny, amazing theme! Can I ask, have you used a framework?
As i have mentioned in my development thread i've wanted to use UIkit for this theme, but due the fact that average mybb user doesn't even know to to properly add / edit / remove parts of framework (HTML code or CSS) i've decided to a rewrite to tableless layout (with flex box) with class names like "thread_icon, thread_subject, thread_replies, thread_views, threads_lastpost, forum_status, forum_main, forum_stats, forum_lastpost" along with data-width attribute.
Giving this thread a new #bump. (cost lowered).
Do you offer support to the buyer of your product for a certain amount of time?
Yes. The support includes:

- bug fixes - in case that something isn't working (and witch is caused by my edits);
- plugin integration - basic one, converting tables to divs in order to fit with the theme (for example in usercp, modcp, mem.profile, reg. page);

In case you are going to resell the theme (single or multiple copies) i don't provide support.

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