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I have a few questions
NOTE: This is also posted in the Mods site.
OK. I can download and install, create forums, manage forums, threads and users, etc.
But I have no time to learn how to download/upload/change themes, add plugins, etc. My first 4 hours attempting ended in failure.
A man must know his limitations!
I am not sure if this is the right place to post this request but here goes.
I need to engage (hourly or otherwise) one of you tech guys with mucho experience to do the following:
1. Spend a little discussion time with me helping me understand what I can/can't do with MyBB.
2. I need to create/buy a theme. I want to have the same basic template look but then change colors. Initially I need 1 theme in 3 color schemes.
3. I will add plugin's that are recommended by you all.
I would appreciate any comments here about how to go about hiring someone, what are appropriate rates, what recommendations you may have in general even if you are not available for paid consulting.
I am creating a networking board for professionals (CPA, lawyer, real estate, IT, etc.) in case you are interested in my concept.
Thank you all in advance for your comments. 
Now who wants a job?
What plugin(s) are you trying to upload? this may be of help. To save time and money you're free to post your problems in the General Support forum. For any other questions, feel free to PM me and I'll answer as best as I can for free.
Plugin Count: I lost count.
Public Plugins are available here.
Official GitHub.
Please do not PM me for support unless asked to.

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