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Entis Designs - Need Practice Work ($0-$50)


I'm teaching myself to develop themes for MyBB. I am currently looking for some projects to work on to add to my Portfolio, as well as to help me learn more. Although, I cannot work for free either unfortunately due to a few reasons so I'll be taking some jobs.

If you're interested, please let me know. You can contact me Here by PM for more contact info.

Here's an Example design (What I started Yesterday, just messing around to see what I can come up with. It's a Gaming theme I call "Advance Gaming Theme" as I plan on making it very HQ, and offer a lot for a theme. I'll eventually sell it, or use it myself once I finish it.)

View Example:

I don't want to add on to the super basic themes already out there though so, it may not be super professional but I won't give you some 2010 trash design either. $25 minimum for me to begin, $50 is not the maximum I'll be charging or willing to take (in general) but as of right now all that I'll be charging. 

Will Update with company logo, and official website link once created. Entis Designs is a single man Designing Company for Learning Purposes. I reverse the right to deny any client, as well as to resell a design if payment is charged back or not fulfilled. All custom themes will only be sold once to the requester. Entis Designs does not currently provide Responsive Themes.
Looking nice so far, I'm looking forward to seeing more work from you I may consider buying in future.
Good luck. Smile
Do NOT PM me for support unless I ask you on your support thread.
(06-07-2018, 04:20 PM)Livewire Wrote: Looking nice so far, I'm looking forward to seeing more work from you I may consider buying in future.
Good luck. Smile

Thank you. I've nearly completely changed the design for the example theme I posted above. I've been working on my base theme to modify whenever someone requests a theme. Here's the current state of it:

I've updated the original post with the new examples as well.

Still a lot to be done before I begin selling though. Here's a general run-down of what I have left to fix from what I remember:

Quote:Registration / Login Page
Postbit Bugs
Coding Block css
New Reply / New Thread edits
Postbit Post Author Info
Welcome Back Member Block
Welcome Back Mod/Admin blocks
New Thread button Cut-Off Issue fix
New PM / Announcement / Red_Alert css fixes
Polls Redesign
Who's Online position fix
( MAYBE ) - Add Sidebars
( MAYBE ) UserCP Redesign

Accepting requests, feel free to PM or reply if you're in need of a theme. Smile

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