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[For 1.8] Discord Webhooks for MyBB
What do you mean - private forums? Could you sent me PM with the screenshot of forum settings/permissions? I'll try to check what's going on. I assume, you have all forums selected in "Enabled boards" option, none forums selected in "Ignored boards" and none selected in "Ignored usergroups" option.
I first noticed that it didn't show my message in a forum guests can't see, so I thought it must be related to this forum being invisible to guests, but it looks like that's not it.

1. Enabled Boards: All
2. Ignored Boards: I selected some.
3. Ignored Usergroups: I selected "Guests" after thinking maybe default setting causing admin messages to not show up. But guests already can't post in my forum.

Timeline of what happened:
1. I posted test message, it didn't work.
2. It worked for 3 user messages (one thread 2 posts)
3. I posted again, it didn't work again.
4. One of my moderators posted, it didn't work.
5. Another user posted, it didn't work.

I can't really see any pattern.
Can you change lines 207 and 368 in discord_webhooks/DiscordWebhook.php from

if ($entry->return_values['visible'] == 1) {


if ($entry->return_values['visible'] != -2) {

and try again? Please give me an info if it works for you
I have changed it, I even created new webhook etc. and applied it to settings but it doesn't work for some reason. I'll send my settings as PM maybe you'll figure it out.
Thanks, I'll try to reproduce the case
Working great on my forum, I really enjoy having so much settings ! It's really great ! Nice job !
I'll edit this later if I see any problems
maybe currently some posts/threads not displaying in discord I'll check if ($entry->return_values['visible'] != -2) {
Changes anything.

Having issues running multiple instances. Trying to create a 2nd instance from your instructions and have discord_webhooks_instance1.php in the inc/plugins folder, but don't see anything to install or change settings of it?

Edit: Ah, I used instance_1 to replace suffix, but had to change it to instance1. Thanks!
Yes, suffix should be the same in the filename as in the code Smile
(2018-10-03, 04:28 AM)ryczypior Wrote: Yes, suffix should be the same in the filename as in the code Smile

Last replies were 2017 so i am curious does this plugin still works on the latest myBB with php7.3 +?
It works fine Smile I have been using this for almost 2 years Smile
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