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[For 1.8] Discord Webhooks for MyBB
(2020-02-24, 06:13 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: It works fine Smile I have been using this for almost 2 years Smile

Thanks mate for the reply. Keep being awesome Smile
This is great. Makes forum updated and other manual tasks function so much quicker.

EDIT: Is there a way to move the post content about? So the thumbnail can be resized, the author info can be moved under the post embed content? etc.

Can parameters be color changed? I see bold and italic etc but can bot titles, thread titles, or other parameters be custom coloured?

The registration user option only shows manual registrations, not those via the admin cp or the Multiregister (1.0) by sparks fly plugin that allows user cp registrations without logging out linked to the Account Switcher. Is that a possibility have those included at some point, please?

Is there a way the @ tags show up in the post embed content? so that if I wrote @ name in a post it would link and lead to the member's discord just as discord tags works?

( I think i fixed the duplicate issue with a reinstall. )

Any recommendations on how to use the bot in 2 different servers, posting new threads from different categories?

For example, 1 server posts new threads from X1 category, and 2 server posts new threads from X2, X3, X4 categories
@Meow Purrdock - Discord's markdown doesn't allow to change text color (or allows?). Also the rich message is automatically composed by discord itself.

@makpaolo - try to use another instance of discord webhook plugin using this file:
Change {suffix} in file name to 'server2 ' (so you get a discord_webhooksserver2.php file) and every phrase containing '{suffix}' in the file content (so you will get
function discord_webhooksserver2_config($gid = null)
instead of
function discord_webhooks{suffix}_config($gid = null)
, etc.)
Upload that file to the plugin directory and you may configure it to use another webhook for server 2 and set the X2, X3, X4 categories
any can help me? the plugin works but when i post a new thread doesnt work but with new register and posts works

Anyone can help maybe in the attached error?

I tried to uninstall reinstall always the same message.

I checked the php files in those segments but for me they are completely okay i saw no error in them.

I run them on different online php checker and all of them validated it as okay.

Any tips please?

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update it Sad no longer work
I really love this Plugin, but is there any way to make Discord Emojis from the Server working in the Messages? or some of the text styles (in the message from discord)?
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
The plugin is not working for me. I tried this method:
Still not working after file change. Nothing from the discord server.

[Image: On-Paste-20220712-183426.png]
Plugin is working for me, but I found an annoying issue :

Enabled boards permission doesn't "cascade". I have an "event" board on my forums, with multiple subforums for each month.

We do create new subforums all the time (well quite often) to sort our stuff Wink

Currently If I enable "events", posting a new message in "events > january" doesn't generate a push to discord.

- Events
  - January
  - February
  - March

Am I missing something ? Permissions in MyBB are inherited so I expected that enabling the plugin for a top forum would cascade below, apparently it doesn't.

Can someone help please ?

PS : There is an "enabled boards" and "ignored boards" setting, I am somewhat confused at what those do exactly. If I enable just a few boards, doesn't it ignore the ones I didn't select ?

EDIT : is there a way to "@prefix" people ? We break down events by regions, which have matching groups on discord... Let's say we make an event and prefix it "[paris]" in my BB, would there be a way to @paris in discord too ?

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