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When the new version of mybb comes out
Hello, i want to ask when the new version of mybb comes out ?
Will there be any news, or still the same ?

I was looking at some changes to overzone 2.0, I want to ask if it will still be in the new releases rating system, reputation or new smilies ?

I'm still thinking about moving to mybb, but still not responsive ...

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Quote:I'm still thinking about moving to mybb, but still not responsive ...

It's responsive if you make it responsive by installing a responsive theme or creating your own.

Even with a new responsive default template, you're going to want to customize the theme, if you don't want it to look identical to every other instance of MyBB.

Also there are many ways to go about making a site responsive, the default theme will only pick one of those and not necessarily the one that matches your personal preference.

So even after the update people will still have to customize their themes.

If you want to use MyBB, use it. There is not much point waiting for an update.
But default mybb theme is not responsive right ?
At the moment, no, the default MyBB theme is responsive. The templates are being converted to TWIG, and I imagine the responsitivity will follow shortly after. You can track the progress for the theme here.
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ah ok...
Trying to highlight the reason for not using a software for its default front end design which is definitely not gonna be used in 99% cases is just pointless.
You can not satisfy yourself with the ever-changing technology, whether its the configuration of your mobile phone or the advancement of a software. Decide and adapt the changes how it flows with time, just not MyBB, applicable to any forum software you choose to use.
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