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Er, I definitely had this idea just pop into my head, no other source for inspiration. Just messing around in photoshop.
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Oh my.... somebody cut his hands already Toungue, and Yes Sir it is a awesome theme Smile
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That's an awesome theme! Nice idea. Smile
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Awesome theme man. Great work
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[Image: poptartFINALTINY.gif]
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Thanks guys Big Grin
[Image: premium_mybb_themes-500x100.png]
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What's a nice theme !!!

My english is too poor to describe that I think about it.
The colours, the harmony, all looks so nice !
I like it.

I'm member of the french MyBB Community Forum staff.
As you could see on the forum (, I worked to translate MyBB into french.

I should like to translate your theme (if you agree...) and then publish it on the french forum.

But the translation was better with the button's PSD files !
Can you send me (by PM or another way) these PSD files:
- for buttons: "closed.gif", "nextreply.gif" etc... from lagniappe/english folder
- and also "main_nav.gif" ?

You enclosed the logo.psd in your archive... but I can't edit the logo's text ! It's a layer !
How can I modify the text keeping the image effects?

For the button.psd, you use the Opal font. Is this a free font ?... Where I could find it ?

Congratulations for your work.
Truly, is the best template I've seen !

Many thanks in advance for your answer... I hope...

I'm a new with Photoshop and I need some advices about your included Photoshop files.

1- As I said above, I still can't change the logo text !

2- Your 'buttons.psd' file contains only the red 'Log in' button.
I found the Opal font. It's OK to change the text...
But in the reflection effect remains the 'log in' text inverted. How to change it with french text ?!
How do you made this reflexion effect ? (if it isn't too long to explain...)
How can I create the green button 'Register' ?

In other words, can I have the full PSD files ?

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Woow, beautiful theme. Big Grin

[Image: ivgeo_banner.png]
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Thanks Bas. Smile

And spyto, Ill get these psds for you. I don't spend as much time compiling PSDs as I should. I am definetely more than willing to help with the french translation. If I should run into trouble, I will send you a pm or an email and ask for the correct wording and Ill do the photoshop work. In fact, that might be the easiest, but Ill still try and get these psds right.
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Hi Audentio,

Many thanks for your quick answer !
Your so beautiful theme worth to be known and translated !! It's a great, great job !

If I understood your post (my english is bad...), you need to recreate the full PSD files ?
If you doesn't kept the original PSD files, don't waste your time...
I'll try to recreate, even it's a bit difficult...

I already worked with Photoshop + Paint Shop Pro, cutting, copying and pasting parts of images, creating layers, making reflective effect, but it's odd jobs !!!
Therefore, I succeeded with the two 'crystal' buttons: login & register (Identification & S'enregistrer in french).
But... I just realized... the login button is red in your included PSD file rather than blue !... No matter, I created also a blue one...

Let me show my work (see the attached file). Perhaps, the result shows better with the PSD file ?

If you can... and if you have time, there are the PSD that I should have:

1- the PSD buttons with editable text (from /images/lagniappe/english folder: closed.gif, newreply.gif, newthread.gif, rateuser.gif).
Or a single file containing only one button, but in this case, I need the tiny icons in the upper left corner... Cutting and pasting these icons are a hard work..

I noticed that the "postbit_" buttons are standard buttons: do you plan to adapt them to your theme? If yes, keep the PSD!...

2- the PSD of main_nav.gif with editable text .
3- the PSD of logo.gif with editable text.

I think it's better for me working with PSD, because I could create a new button for example if necessary in the future...

Thanks a lot. (Excuse my poor english)

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Not bad, not bad, Ill get this done for you though Big Grin.
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