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Is there any estimate for mybb 1.9?
Hi folks

I'm not asking for a date but a time frame if possible.

I read the 1.9 blog article and right near the top is a change on password hashing. I understand the need to upgrade and modernize the current method.
That said I use a custom mod_mysql_auth to authorize users from MyBB to allow them "Basic Apache Auth" to a members area.

If I get it right you're upgrading to bcrypt which is compatible with mod_authn_db and Apache 2.4 which unless there is something extra planned I should be okay.

I guess my questions are:

1) time frame

2) will the new changes be compatible with a direct connection username password (hashed bcrypt) in the user table?

Thanks I know it's impossible to predict the future. I would also be willing to beta test 1.9 in a semi production situation (mods etc).

Kind regards,

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