Is there any estimate for mybb 1.9?
(2020-03-14, 10:02 PM)labrocca Wrote:
(2020-03-14, 09:46 PM)Seeker-Smith Wrote: What I'm really looking forward to is the new password hashing.

Easily done with a plugin.

I'd rather see something more advanced like OTP and 2FA.  Just hashing the passwords better isn't much of an advancement in the product.
I would love to have 2FA throughout, preferably with support for U2F (eg: yubico keys) as well as OTP (eg: google authenticator). I would love it to extend not just to login, but to moderator actions too, with an option per action to require confirmation.
I run a forum with a lot of elderly people. Mainly owners and fans of old and vintage sailing yachts. A lot of changes in the software will be a problem for them, they are are not as flexible as youngsters. 2FA sounds safe but not needed for my forum. I would like an upgrade that does not have a lot of impact to my forum members. So fine if authentication possibilities are rolled out , but please respect the people that are not able to cope with a lot of changes in functionality.
There's no plan to make 2FA mandatory so your users will be able to opt in but wont be abruptly forced.

With the new theme users may have an initial disruption but should get the hang of things quickly as it isn't drastically different and should be more intuitive. If you're using a custom theme then you can upgrade the theme to keep your previous look if that's beneficial. Smile

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