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Sounds a bit lazy to me.
Mybb 2.0 has been cancelled, unless you're referring to 1.9 with no confirmed release date.
Who knows what the teething issues with 1.9 will be.
You should put a 1.8.21 onto a test database and keep it updated as new MyBB releases come out.
As your time allows build your mods onto the test forum, keeping track of it with the patches plugin.
When you're ready go live with it.
What goes around comes around
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It is lazy. Im tired of server admin and doing more things unrelated to computers now in life. So i dont look forward to more time in front of a screen. Especially for something like a massive upgrade or reimplementing mybb with an old database. Whereas tweaking a core file to further customise mybb for users is not much work and zero chance of breaking

I didnt hear of mybb 2.0 being cancelled? Last i knew it was just up in the air. I think 2.0 was decided because it was being discussed to implement well known plugins into mybb core such as google seo,etc. in which would nullify some of our plugins. But i havent really been keeping updated with news of mybb either.

That is probably the best solution as i cantake as long as i want to update instead of feeling rushed.

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