[Rejected] Danger to be blacklisted due to many notifications sent by Mybb
(2018-06-19, 04:12 PM)frostschutz Wrote: The rate of notification emails is determined in  inc/functions.php

function send_mail_queue($count=10)
        global $db, $cache, $plugins;


       	// Check to see if the mail queue has messages needing to be sent
        $mailcache = $cache->read("mailqueue");
        if($mailcache['queue_size'] > 0 && ($mailcache['locked'] == 0 || $mailcache['locked'] < TIME_NOW-300))

For starters, change count=10 to count=1.

To guarantee a rate of under 6 emails per minute, more fundamental changes are necessary... mails are also sent directly without going through this queue mechanism.

Also depending on your user activity, it just can't be done. If new notification mails come in faster than they can be sent out, it will never finish.
Seems that your advice works because I recive a notification for a certain thread after 30-60 mins. after the new post. I thing it's ok for now. Maybe I will try to increse the "count" value to 3 or 4, in order to speed up a little the sending (15mins. would be fine).

I talk with many hosting services from my county and seems that 5-6 emails / min. is the standard here in Romania. The only solution sugested is the VPS, from 5Euros / month unmanaged, without Cpanel license.

For now I'm ok but if the forum grows up, I will surely chose a VPS.

Regards and thank you all for help.

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