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Hi Everybody,

On a free host I have recently installed Mybb and looking for solutions how to collect detailed view statistics.
Since it is a free hosting service, they don't offer access to raw statistics, or any kind of useful visitor statistics on the Cpanel.

To get some basic insight into view statistics I have installed 2 plugins, "Forums Views" and "ProStats". Although they offer useful data, I would like to have a deeper insight into which visitors visited which pages on a specific day.

Taking a look into the database found a table called mybbjm_sessions, which records daily unique visitors (if I understood it right) and it displays the URL of the last page that the visitor viewed. This is almost what I was looking for, except that I would like to have the URLs of all the pages visitors viewed, not only the last one. That would be basically a raw page view statistics, if we could build something like that.

Is there a way to collect all the page URLs that visitors viewed into a table? Does any built in setting allow such thing already? Or is there a ready made plugin for collecting such raw data? If not, then can anyone suggest how to collect this kind of statistics (provide a code for it)?

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Can at least someone please point me to the source code snippet that creates the mybbjm_sessions table and updates its values? Maybe it would be worth a try to modify it to collect all view data. Thanks.

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