Not Solved Help needed here, all mybb gurus
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People can't register on my forum
It bring a table error

And i try to fix it my running this query
ALTER TABLE [/font][/size][/color][color=#dd0000][size=small][font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace]mybb_users[/font][/size][/color][color=#007700][size=small][font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace] MODIFY [/font][/size][/color][color=#dd0000][size=small][font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace]myalerts_disabled_alert_types[/font][/size][/color][color=#007700][size=small][font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace] TEXT NULL;

Here is the result it bring
Please how can i create the missing table 
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Make your thead title descriptive and relevant to your problem. “Help needed” will get your thread closed.
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Your thread has been closed as you have used a non descriptive thread title. Feel free to create a new thread and ensuring your thread complies with the board rules.

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