Not Solved [How To?] How to make thread prefix visible in main forum list
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Hello i make thread prefix in administration and after i add in css colour and background for this.

So.. this thread prefixes is visible only inside forums.
I want to ask, how i enable it in main forum list ?

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By main forum list I assume you mean index page? The prefix will show elsewhere. It's not quite clear what you mean... Consider adding some screenshots of what you want and how you want it.
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I see thread prefix only inside forums no in index page.

I want it like this: 


[Image: J97RoYH.jpg]

it is possible ?
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It is possible to add the prefix to the main forum list.
But you need to modify PHP code in ./inc/function_forumlist.php.

1) Line 99: Modify the simple_select and add the "prefix" to the list of fields. This makes the prefix ID available in $thread['prefix'].
2) Add another simple_select with this prefix ID to read the content from the mybb_threadprefixes table.
3) Line 316: Merge the prefix content to $lastpost_subject.

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Try Thread icons & prefixes on index
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