[Pushed] Strange comma after upgrade and usergroup title not showing

After upgrading to the latest MyBB version , i' having some small issues that i would like to make you present.

On who's online,there is a comma :


And i can't see the user tiltes under their usernames,the titles are active in ACP:


If i find more issues,i will report.

Thanks for the update.
That could probably be a glitch in mybb 1.8.15 or a mistake in your forum whosonline template.
Switch to MyBB DEFAULT theme to see if the problem "is there also"

this way you can see if its a "theme issue" , or an actual "mybb issue"
I can't switch back to the default theme and i have been using this theme since a year,done many upgrades and never faced these issues.

I have reverted all updated templates back to original but the problems are still there.

I can't still see the user title and the comma is stil there but the comma is being seen only when i log in ,while visiting the page as guest,the comma isn't there.

I just noticed that the user title is only working for some users and not for all.
Can you provide a link to your forum, please?
Also, which version of MyBB did you upgrade from?
Theme-wise, do you use a free one from the mods site or is it paid custom?
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I upgraded from 1.8.15 to the latest and i'm using the Dark1.8 theme,free one but never faced issues.

You need to login to my site to see the problem,as guest it is ok.

Same issue in all themes on my site, too after upgrading to 1816
Same issue on my site with all themes - random comma appearing in Who's Online section
Only appears when I am logged in though, nothing as a Guest
Problem is in this commit (https://github.com/mybb/mybb/pull/3195/c...925628574b) for the file index.php

Because now robots appear ahead of the list now there will always be a comma at the beginning because of this line (114):
$onlinebots .= $comma.format_name($spiders[$botkey]['name'], $spiders[$botkey]['usergroup']);

I've just done a dirty and inefficient hack to remove it, like so:
      if (!empty($onlinebots))
        $onlinebots .= $comma;
      // The user is a search bot.
      $onlinebots .= format_name($spiders[$botkey]['name'], $spiders[$botkey]['usergroup']);

Perhaps a 'better' fix is to have one comma variable for bots, and another comma variable for users. Whatever floats your boat.
If the user titles are only showing for some users it sounds like a group ipermissions issue or their user titles just aren’t set. Will take a closer look at these later on.
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