Not Solved Need help modifying the way forums/subforums are displayed.
Not Solved
Greeting all! I tried to search through the pages to find this, but I couldn't find a combination of search terms to bring any fruitful results. So pardon me if this is answered elsewhere.

I am trying to modify the way my forums and subforums are displayed on the main page.

Instead of the standard forum description>subforums underneath>last post in all of the subforums/threads shown, I want to make something more custom for my site.

I'm trying to create either one of two different styles.

The first would be a tabbed table. Show on the left an image, description, and last post of that fourm, then on the right the tabs to each of the sub forums. Clicking on a tab would change the panel on the left into the stuff for that forum. I've tried in the past to make tabbed tables, but the code never quite worked right with me because I didn't really know what I am doing. And currently, if I try I can't get the last post variable to work for more than one thread.

The second is much less in depth, and would just be a cell with the descriptions for the land and last post for each subforum. I was hoping there would be a way to do this without making each subforum in a different category because when I tired it in one category, the last post information was only pulled once and the other variables just spit out their code as an output.

Hopefully that made sense. Thanks for any time spent trying to help me out.

My site I am working on this for is:

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