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Our forum was switched to MyBB in 2008 because it seemed much more reliable and customizable than the forum software we had used until then. Before that, it ran on vbulletin from 1997 to 2001 (data was lost, don't ask!) and on phpBB from its relaunch in 2004 till we migrated it to MyBB. Since 1997, it has survived two successful hacking attempts (not on MyBB), two changes of the main domain, three changes of providers/hosts, and migrated to and from four different virtual servers. 

It is mainly used by German-speaking students of linguistics and various philologies to get help with problems, assignments, or finding thesis topics; for this, we have a special user group of experts – mostly senior students, undergrads, postgrads  and the occasional tenured faculty –  who use the MySupport system to answer user questions. We also do have a small community of long time users and team members who simply stick with us for some casual language-related discussion. A second branch is our tumblr-based blog which basically attracted a followership and community of its own. 


One thing i am particularly proud of is the clickable editor for phonetic and other special characters, a thing that turned out extremely useful in a linguistics forum: 
(Created with kind help from frostschutz and others at
Showcase thread approved. Smile

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