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I have created a forum. I wanted to enable users to register through facebook, for which I used a plugin called. MyFacebook Connect 3.2. After a problem with installation (described here - I managed to work it out.
I created a facebook developer account and afterwards the link to register through facebook ALMOST worked.

My facebook account is good. So this thing is certainly not an issue.

However, when I press "join through facebook"  button on the forum, and it takes me to my fb account - I recieve the following message on my facebook:

Quote:Insecure Login Blocked: You can't get an access token or log in to this app from an insecure page. Try re-loading the page as https://
That clearly means that I log from a forum that link does not start with https://.  When I press "Okay" on that message I return to the forum and I see the following text:

Quote:The access token is missing. You probably didn't authorize our application to gather your data. Approving our application is mandatory if you want to log in or register to our Forums, please retry and authorize our application when asked. If you authorized the application but you still cannot log in or register, please contact an administrator.

I am not an expert, but I believe it might be an issue related to the sad fact that my forum indeed does not start with https://. 
When I enter my forum link and I put the entire address with https:// in the beggining I see a message:

Quote:The owner of www.MY has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.
For the sake of the project I add this website as an expection to bypass the unsafe connection. And what I see afterwards is:

Not Found
The resource requested could not be found on this server!

My question - how can I make my forum appear when I enter the https:// like the way it normally looks, when I just type in or OR

IMPORTANT NOTE: the forum and website is protected by htaccess file, can it be an obstacle? I dont think so, but I think this detail might be somehow worth sharing.
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Follow the link below to download social login plugin for mybb by oneall.

If you still face the same problems please let us know.
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Easiest way to get HTTPS working is to use Cloudflare. Try this and this.
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Thank you for both of your answers!
I am really glad that you guys helped. Although - isnt there any other way to "get HTTPS working" rather than using Cloudflare? I mean, can't I do it somehow by correctly configuring FTP files?

Okay - what I did is I managed to go to installatron and then I made a clone of mybb forum on the HTTPS:// I guessed before that sth can go wrong so I made a backup and I also left the original website where it was (the one without HTTPS)

But now.. my forum is messed up. It looks like something isnt loading correctly. There is no images, its like there is no template. I just see text..
Anybody had sth like that?
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MyFacebook Connect has been updated to 3.3, so you are using an outdated version which does not work correctly.
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