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Not Solved Converting from free Forums like Zetaboards
Not Solved
I'm in the process of trying to convert our message boards from Zetaboards to myBB on a self Creating table mybb_forums...self-hosted platform.  Zeta boards does not give us our data so I've had to scrape it myself.

I have the bare basics of it and I'd like to either implement a homebrew solution for merging the data into mybb by hand, or using the merge system.  

I'm pretty confident that I can get the users, and the forums, topics, posts into the system easily.  But I know there are things like permissions and what have you.  I want to set everything to default as nothing is hidden at present anyway.  

If I look into the merge code will this help with the schema of things that are required?  such as user permissions and forum permissions etc?

I'm never going to have a complete data set just the stuff a user sees. *sighs*
Not Solved
Looking into the Merge code will absolutely help with figuring out the required fields and their translation.

Why not write something to scrape ZB configuration from the ACP in much the same way as the public board?
Not Solved
well I was doing this for the admin and I don't have full admin rights there so it's a bit more difficult. I managed to get it all in with minimal problems. Some of the BBCODE didn't translate but that's okay.

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