Not Solved Editing a custom user field from their profile.
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Hey there, MyBB!

I had a quick query to see if there was a possible way to achieve a certain goal that I'm looking towards. As of current, I've created some custom profile fields that users may edit from the usercp to their liking that appears on their profile, all well and good. However, I'd like to give them the access to edit it from their own profile rather than the UserCP to save them the time from needing to constantly move through the cp just to find the option.

I don't need an advanced method (atleast i hope i don't) just a remedy to add the option to update the custom field from their profile with an update button. 

Is this possible or are there any addons that allow this? (Though I'd rather be able to do it with just some php, installing an addon would be tedious if it ended up not working :/ ). Many thanks.
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Your best option might be a custom dropdown avatar
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