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Converting theme from 1.6 to 1.8 help
Hey everyone,

Apologies if this is the wrong section as I'm a first time poster here.

So was just curious if someone could help me out. I've been porting an old theme I had from 1.6 to the most recent 1.8.
I fixed almost all graphical issues. However, there is a small problem that I'm currently facing. The editor. It proved to be more challenging that I thought it would be to port it over.
I asked one of my friends if he knew what was wrong and he said this;
"The theme is using two JS frameworks. An old outdated one, and the new 1.8 one. The old one is modified for the theme, so if it's removed, the theme will break. But if it stays, the editor will still be broken."

On top of this, when using the old JS, the checkbox elements work but the editor breaks. But if I use the new JS framework, the editor become the default, but the checkboxes break. Also when using the new JS framework a few other things break as well.

If anyone can provide some insight or knowledge on how I can fix this it would be greatly appreciated!

Can provide more information if needed!

Well defined, but as this is about a custom theme; it is hard to troubleshoot without looking at the actual codes.
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