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Updates and upgrades
Can Updates and upgrades be accomplished through a apt-get type function rather then coping files over old versions
please explain what is apt-get type function ?
(2018-07-13, 02:53 PM)Ronshaan Wrote: please explain what is apt-get type function ?

It's a Linux command line function.

If you're a Windows user, this will not apply to you.

Oh yea... I voted NO on the poll.

Not too many Admins use Linux, therefore, this update method will not be practical.
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IMO it should stay as it is. This way you know exactly what you’re upgrading. This suggestion just encourages laziness. I urge admins to actually learn about what they’re doing and not just follow instructions blindly.
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Future branches of MyBB will likely include command line tools for easier maintenance - see https://community.mybb.com/thread-214493.html
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The point well made, I am not a seasoned admin and therefore do not know how to move around well in Linux, but do like your application, if the developers of Ubuntu find sudo apt-get update and upgrade useful would it not seem logical so would your development team
I would suggest having upgrades directly from the ACP than CLI.
Wordpress does this as well as other systems.

You could easily improve security and issues by asking users to create automated backups of files and mysql, in the install directory on upgrade.
Present a list of changes about to be undertaken and ask users to confirm these during the upgrade.
Present a diff list directly to users of any changes that will be applied.
There are also other things that can be done to improve the process.

You could even reduce package download sizes by using delta updates which compares the files to the source online and applies just the changes.

It's much the same as now but a improved upgrade script with more user display for file changes etc which will automatically download the files from git or wherever the official sources are to the server without you manually uploading them all.

Also you can use this system if anyone changes core files to revert them to the latest versions.
Hotfixes could be quickly pushed to the upgrade this way with a notice telling users they can apply it straight from the ACP.

It's not just about laziness but being smart and powerful in ways which helps to push newer versions out faster and allows cross referencing with the official files etc.

Also this system could be used for better theme and plugin management as we as users have no idea when these are updated and I found users running older plkugins that were broken because they didn't know a new version of that plugin was out.

It would also reduce support requests for themes and plugins breaking on changes of they can update them directly in the ACP.

It's how wordpress works and many plugins notify you on updates for fixes.
Kodi also use this for their software I'm sure they would want their MyBB forum also using the same type of system as there media player they made.
Upgrades to MyBB can be a little complicated for an automated system. To limit hacking, we have been told to rename the admin folder to something unique to our forums. We could automatically rename admin in plugin archives, but that would break the Honey Pot Admin plugin which has a real admin directory and a fake admin directory. There is no way to programmatically tell the difference. The GoogleSEO plugin also would have issues because of the changes it makes to core files.
While I love the idea that CLI can be used, I think for most admins, a GUI by default will be the way to go. A lot of people does not know the basics of command line or Ubuntu.

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