[Duplicate] Custom Postbit code broken after upgrade

I finally had time to upgrade my forum today, and all went well, however, I noticed that some of the custom changes we made to the Classic Postbit no longer work, and I'm not sure what is causing it to not work or how to fix it.

Below you can see what the Classic Postbit looked like prior to, and following, the upgrade:

[Image: b2063a8aba0767aa89800d265e90fa79.png] [Image: b6e9f36145896638ef73ca81b8d4853d.png]

As you can see from the Inspection image below, the code is calling forth a simple '0' instead of the correct number given by the {$post['displaygroup']} code.

[Image: 830e6c663764b7afab2e502e40d04d13.png]

Now, I see this Github fix for the Userstars that aren't showing, but I don't use userstars, so I'm not sure if fixing that issue will fix mine? If it does not, than I am in no rush and am happy to wait for that to be fixed with a patch.

The exact code in the postbit_author_user is as such:

<div class="avatar_holder">
<div class="avatar_hover" style="overflow-y: auto;"><div id="avatar2" class="avatar_{$post['displaygroup']}">
<img src="http://pern.second-pass.net/forum/images/badges/{$post['fid51']}.png" title="{$post['fid51']}"/>
<div id="avatar_under{$post['displaygroup']}">
<div id="basicheader" class="pbheader_{$post['displaygroup']}">
{$post['fid14']}<br />
echo $parser->parse_message(htmlspecialchars_decode($post['fid32']),array('allow_mycode'=>1));
<div class="infoholder" id="news">
{$post['fid56']}<br />
      <div class="mini-prof-tab" align="center">
             <div class="mini-prof-tab-row">
                <div class="mini-prof-tab-col" align="center"></div>
<div  class="mini-prof-tab-col" align="center"></div>
  <div class="mini-prof-tab-row">
  <div class="mini-prof-tab-col-left"><strong>Birthday:</strong></div>
                <div class="mini-prof-tab-col-right">{$post['fid10']}</div>
            <div class="mini-prof-tab-row">
                  <div class="mini-prof-tab-col-left"><strong>Age:</strong></div>
                <div class="mini-prof-tab-col-right">{$post['fid53']}</div>
            <div class="mini-prof-tab-row">
                <div class="mini-prof-tab-col-left"><strong>Height:</strong></div>
                <div class="mini-prof-tab-col-right">{$post['fid24']}</div>
  <div class="mini-prof-tab-row">
                <div class="mini-prof-tab-col-left"><strong>Pets:</strong></div>
                <div class="mini-prof-tab-col-right"><?php
echo $parser->parse_message(htmlspecialchars_decode($post['fid46']),array('allow_mycode'=>1));
<br /><br /> 
<br /><br />

Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!

- ThistleProse
[Image: HaLp2lk.png]

[Image: LQwJ7VV.png]

Yes the fix for the user stars looks like it might well help to fix your issue here. You may not have noticed that myBB 1.8.17 is currently in the pre-release stage and will include the user stars fix as well as several others: https://community.mybb.com/announcement-38.html - I would recommend giving that package a go and seeing if it helps to fix your issues.

MyBB v1.8.17 includes fix for that issue, please update Smile

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