[Rejected] Account Activation at Forums
Account Activation at Forums

when the email arrives with information of Activation Code, the URL Broken in my test.

its a space before .com/foros/member.php?action=activate&uid=2&code=

Check the Image.
[Image: Captura_de_pantalla_2018_07_15_a_las_9_04_42_p_m.png]
I assume you've doubled checked your Board URL in the ACP Configuration doesn't contain the space?
Quote:ACP Configuration doesn't contain the space?

you are right, the setting its default from mybb.

Image exampke url setting mybb

[Image: C45_FBD1_A_4659_495_E_9073_31_FD2_E6_EFC2_C.jpg]

Today test again, but in the email the URL its brokrn fron my first test  Blush


Hi, sorry the Account Activation its OK

to confirm this featuring its well, today I did a new test and it worked well
I do not know what happened last time but it is working well in my new tests, with two new registration and the Account Activation at Forums

sorry for the inconveniences.

Example Test New User:

[Image: Captura_de_pantalla_2018_07_17_a_las_8_17_47_a_m.png]


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