[Rejected] 1.8.7 Language File Not Editing?
Hello folks!

I'm having a bit of an issue with my 'Online' text file not editing?

I have changed the code string to be as follows:
$l['online_count'] = '<center><b>{4}</b> <small>{5}, (<b>{6}</b> invisible)</small><hr></center>';

But it is still printing out the default information:
"X users active in the past Y minutes (Z member, A of whom are invisible, and B guests)."

It should be reading:
"X users, (invisible)"

Any assistance would be much appreciated. Website is in my signature if you need to view.
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Don't you think you need to edit this language variable?

in index.lang.php, line 39
Oh! I was editing the ONLINE English file. I will try that one! Thank you!
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