[WIP - Live Demo] Colore - Responsive Table-less MyBB Theme
One word, amazing !

But, for some font, it's too small on pc (1080p), the title category (blue bold) on index, the links on activity feed (small blue and bold too). But on my phone, in 1440p it's perfect, more readable.

On my phone I don't have the register link (only the login link), strange the index page looks finished.

Good work, the best theme that i've seen for mybb

(sorry for my english ^^)

Edit: for the font, for exemple in your alert, there is two style of bold font, the first at the beginning ("This theme is in beta!") is not really readable, but at the end ("click here to learn more"), it's better. I think, personnally, it's better to use this style on other bold text.
Thanks a lot for the feedback & kind comments guys, I have been slowly making edits while I have the time. I have increased the font-size and I need to iron out some alignment issues. I may also be looking at changing the base font to a more user friendly one.

@GhostKilla as for the register link on mobiles, when you click "Login" you are presented with an option to sign up (Which I will be re-designing to more emphasise the options).

I will post when I have some more updates to show. Smile
what happened to this theme ?

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