Not Solved [General] Character ' is smaller than the length of the search term. but searched.
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I can search post with ' in quick search box.

' is smaller than the minimum length "2" I set. but ' Ignores the rule.

Is it a bug? Is it vulnerable to security?
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I'm unable to reproduce this. What version of MyBB are you using? Have you made any core edits? I would of opted and said your database search length requirement could of been reduced, but the search string is checked through PHP first so the database length requirement is irrelevant.
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this is my test site I just made.

I didn't edit any codes. I just down 1817 and install it.

I set Minimum Search Word Length '2'

Other character like " or ! are not searched. except '

try search ' in quick search box
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Should I change minimum length from 2 to 3 ?

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