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Shooted | Dark theme for gaming forum.

Shooted is a dark template for online multiplayer games in the script MyBB 1.18.x. It contains a unique table servers, and a new plugin management menu links, announcements and rotator logo partners. It is also adapted for each mobile device.

Buy for 43$  Check Demo(login: test, password: test123)   Contact  -  Facebook FanPage

[Image: 1.png.ff085d11b819f92228ff8038caf4effd.png]
[Image: 2.png.a09121a995e75745ba5865bda83953a6.png]
[Image: 3.png.ce0b4915d5e3a0c7c488bb13415143dc.png]
[Image: 4.png.91ef03e9d11934f3b565220026729f58.png]
[Image: 5.png.6235c4169b6c812b88720da75c4e9530.png]
[Image: 6.png.fbe10840e4a1ec0f1aa4c3d2c2b28534.png]
[Image: 7.png.8171717e7c1ad2aa28a33d58e62d273d.png]
[Image: 8.png.ed2a4598a5d8dfd7d268a66a8b568144.png]
[Image: 9.png.5b8ecd5410e03328d0bec34b104def1c.png]
[Image: 10.png.fd01929aa1fee05eb36750331694621d.png]

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