[Rejected] You need to enter a valid email address
@unisus , run file verification tool from below location. what does it report ?
forum admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> file verification

ignore reported images & ignore files reported from install folder & its sub-folders
I am on localhost.
I don't know what is happening.
So, I am having issues with my cookies. If I login on the public side of the forums, I must also login separately for the backend.
Is this supposed to work like that?

Either way I was having issues with cookies, so I followed all the recommendations.

I don't know if this fixed the registration issue, but I was having issues with logging in and trying to check things out in the backend. So, I went into the database and changed cookie domain to nothing. It is blank, not even a period.
I went into settings & made cookie domain & path both blank; cookie path isn't even a forward slash.

I tried it again and it seems to be working.
I don't see why cookies would affect this.

This is clearly not an isolated incident. Which files are activating these fields and operating the live validation with field change listening?
I really prefer my software to be barebones and there are a lot of built-in features in MyBB that need to be very clarified & simplified I believe.

All of these search fields having live results like Facebook does, the registration having live validation, etc.
How can I find these features being implemented and customize them?

I also don't think it is so good to have all of these files minified either. So, if there are issues all the JS is minified and being hardcoded into fields across the software VERY MUCH complicates things for developers.
I really wish one single file went through and customized these fields or something so that we could go in and say: "Okay, live search & live validation listeners are being attached to fields with this class in this file; these JS files are being implemented here, and their plugin file is there."

Right now I feel like there are a lot of nebulous features being hardcoded into random places attached to equally random minified plugins.

Am I wrong by saying that?

Also, I can't even log out when I click the logout button; and this happens randomly.
I don't think that the cookies on localhost are working properly at all. I am not the only person to say this; I hear many people writing about this, then they are commented by dozens of supporters saying "it's 100% fine here never had any problems on dozens of my sites". And this isn't appropriate, because I have worked in programming for 20 years.

I am not the only person saying that these cookies just are not working on localhost. They aren't predictable; the admin & front end require different logins. There is inconsistent advice on which data to enter in settings & database.
My accounts are working randomly then out of nowhere I can't log out anymore.

I was able to logout, now I can't. The cookies on MAMP do not work, and they may not be related to this thread anymore but those validation fields weren't working either.
^ as you said, cookie settings are not related to the issues with registration.

for the local host, cookie domain can be blank & cookie path is required (/ or /folder/)

if you are using Chrome browser then please try with another browser

if admin panel login works then please run file verification tool
I am getting the same registration report. How do i fix this? shows red
Had the sdame issue usename and Email go red no mater what..

"I went into settings & made cookie domain & path both blank; cookie path isn't even a forward slash."

- This solved the issue

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