Not Solved [How To?] Any way to hide Custom Profile Fields with "Select Box" when nothing is specified?
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Hello, everyone. My question focuses on Custom Profile Fields. Usually, if you use type "Text Box" or "Text Area", you type something in and "Show on profile" is enabled, it will be visible on your profile page. If you leave the field blank, it will not be shown.

Now, I got a problem: I have a Custom Profile Field, which has the type "Select Box". On default (when registering) the fields are usually not shown on the profile page. However, once the profile is updated, the fields are shown. That's quite annoying. And I can't find a way to give a select option which would make the select box NOT appear on the profile page.
For example, if an user selects "Not specified", the custom profile field should automatically not be shown on the profile page.

I need some help here. Thank you in advance.

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Bump, because important. Not just for me.

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