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[For 1.8] MyCommentDivider Plugin
- MyCommentDivider
- Mycommentdivider is a simple plugin that adds a divider between the thread authors post and user replies, it also displays a message if no user has replied to a thread. The plugin divider only shows after first post.
- After seperating the authors post from user replies the plugin then displays a reply count as well to tell others how many replies were posted in that thread.
- But in a situation where nobody has replied to the thread yet, then a message is show to user that no replies where posted.

- Features
- Ability to enable or disable the plugin function in plugin settings.
- Ability to enable or disable the comment counter.
- Ability to choose choose which usergroup can see the divider.
- Ability to modify the divider style or message as you want, you just need to look for (MyCommentDivider Templates) and then you see two template sets, the first one is displayed when there are comments / replies in a thread, the second one is displayed when there is no comments / replies in a thread.

- Support
- Support May Be Received In The [MyBB Community -]

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