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Hi everyone, I recently installed myBB on my community's website. 

It was working smoothly as it always does. I then proceeded to add a theme and make my own changes to it, in order to have a sense of continuity throughout the site. Somewhere in this process, I have reached an issue where the BB Code editor has disappeared from the forums. 

I have followed the steps described in - to no avail. I've had a sit down with the original theme developer to see if he can lend any assistance with this issue, and so far we have been unable to correct the issue. 

I have been working my way through the templates, matching up unclosed divs or redundant closing tags so far in order to help fix it. There is however, one piece of code I cannot fix as I can't find the relevant template. i have a feeling this is what may be causing the issue. See below; 

<div class="float_left"><strong><i style="color: #fff; font-size: 16px;" class="fa fa-bar-chart-o fa-fw"></i> &nbsp; Board stats</strong></div

Line 424, view-source:

If this does not work, I have no clue how to fix this issue. 

So what exactly am I asking?? I would LOVE some assistance in locating where this line of code is located to get that </div closed up. If that doesn't work, I would love some support in solving the issue!

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Theme: iGame

Please note, once selecting iGame, you cannot revert without an account as there is no theme selection available as of yet for guests. 

Kind Regards, 


I have since found the correct template, all html elements are closed up and matched correctly, so the issue is bigger than hoped.

Disregard all, I have fixed the issue.

Mod please lock/delete
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In future, you should mention how you fixed the problem if this problem occurs for others Smile
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