Not Solved MyBB user badges not working.
Not Solved
So i have a problem. The postbit isn't working.
Basically, if an user posts a thread, his badges won't show under his name or anything. The badges are under groupimages and stuff like that, but its not working.
Please help me!
Not Solved
Are you using MyBB 1.8.16 by any chance? if so, there is a bug in that version and you should upgrade to 1.8.17.
Not Solved
I'm using 1.8.17. I just realized that the plugin im using doesn't work with 1.8.17. Anybody suggest a good one?
Also, anybody know how to make the dvz shoutbox automatically refresh itself?

E: nvm. The plugin is 1.8 and still works.

Alright, postbit is fixed now, but still have a problem with the sohutbox. :l

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