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Logo(s) Needed
I am looking for Logos for my MyBB "projects"

Top Hattery

PM/DM me of you're interested.

Watermark all your ideas because I am going to ask to see it through out the process, I am a very technical person. 

I will pay per PROJECT, not per hour/day/week/edit. 

A project by my definition is 1 domain. Ex. Hexeus = 1, Volvl = 1, Top Hattery = 1. 

If you ask for pay, then apparently you don't know how capitalism works. (And I already literally said I will pay per project) 

I am open to your interpretation and ideas at the start and through out the process, however expect changes. | Get your first month of hosting for $0.01 USD with Promo Code: Hexeus
[Image: 12946833.gif]


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