Not Solved [How To?] I need to create a variable link in the post bit
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I need to create a link in the post bit classic that will only display if the user has information to link to.

Example:  I have a member garage set up (xthread enhanced forum) so the link I need should show in the post bit but only if the members have created a garage for themselves.  Right now I am using this to display a link to visit the member's garage but it show no matter if he has or doesn't have a garage set up. 

<a href="forumdisplay.php?fid=41&amp;filterxt_uid={$post['uid']}" title="Visit My Garage" class="bradius"><span><i class="fa fa-car"></i>&nbsp; Visit My Garage</span></a>

How can I adjust this line to be a variable or 'if' command instead?

Any help greatly appreciated!
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You will need to install the template conditionals plugin and then navigate to the postbit template.

From there, you will need the following:
<if $post['fid##'] then>formatting here
formatting here if that userfield is empty

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