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Converting icyboard to mybb theme
Evening. I had designed several themes in Icyboards with toggle and slider sidebars, pop ups, etc and they don't work on Mybb. I assume i'll need to upload some files, or swap some scripts about? However, I do not know exactly where to start.

Is there an easy guide on converting themes? 
Do I just need to move the script file from the wrapper template to upload?

p.s the site blocks the content, I think due to the http rather than https...if I unblock it the stuff shows but when refreshing it's blocked again


Update, console shows two errors:
CSS3114: @font-face unable to load invalid OpenType font.
typicons.eot (1,1)

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'cookie'
pushbar.js (10,4)

(pushbar is the js im having the issue with. )

I have rehosted the scripts and those work. So the error issue is gone.

Although, if there is a guide to converting themes that would be lovely. x
You will need to change the urls in the <script> tags, these will usually be found in your Headerinclude template.
I don't think there are any guides for that, most you can find is this

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