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Weird search oversight on all mybb forums
(08-15-2018, 06:26 PM)Euan T Wrote:
(08-15-2018, 06:13 PM)effone Wrote: Even listing A to Z in thead (title bar) is too much in my opinion. Search / Filtering feature has its own dedicated section (bottom) / page (advanced search).
Listing all alphabets there is not consistent wrt rest of the theads anywhere, also its gonna be an issue for responsive theme design (Justin may know better). The best I can think of is to omit that in mobile view or place the list in a dropdown.

Yeah, I've always thought the A-Z list looked weird. I imagine @Justin has some thoughts on the layout for 1.9.

The way I see it is this...

Label the Search box like 0-9, A-B. Leave it as is in the Member List page. Just like the way @Michael2014 suggested in post #18. Keep it simple.

However, add some coding where if a user inputs special characters like '.' , then the user would be... in one of two ways...

1. Automatically dropped into the Advanced Search page with a little popup saying that "Search using special characters requires Advanced Search function" or something similar so that the user knows that he/she didn't do something wrong and will continue their search.

2. A popup window stating "Search using special characters requires Advanced Search function" along with a direct link to the Advanced Search function page, which the user can click on the link in the popup window or if the user chooses not to, have a 'Close' button to close the window.

Just my 2 cents...
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Easy to code, but much complicated UI wise...
There is no good option other than simply dropping play-school ABCD.

You need to filter in any manner : go to advanced search. Thats there for a reason. Same reason why we don't have a WYSIWYG quick reply.
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This is a simple fix and can be easily made via a custom plugin. Overall, there needs to be a selection that shows 0-9., the same rule applies for a-z, there is a ton of names that start with A-Z, so it would not be a big jump to add an 0-9 button as well,.

I believe in action, not excuses, so there can be a million reasons why there is not, but that does not change the fact that there needs to be a fuction to search the same way as a-z, to search 0-9. Thanks to everyone for adding your opinion.
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(08-15-2018, 03:48 AM).m. Wrote: though links are not available, search for numbers & other characters also works
eg. member names beginning with number 9 ; beginning with . ; beginning with ! ; begins with 420 ... ...


I think it is necessary in board MyBB... in Member List  you can FILTER users by clicking the LETTER ( from A to Z ) to find users names  but what about users names that begins with numbers ( 0- 9 ) or special characters ( ! @ # $ ^ & - + )...  The easy way to find a Username is ADD a Filter to Special Character in the Memberlist... 

I write it just thinking as a suggestion, as a better support and utility for the board MyBB 1.8.x

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Special characters are NOT ALLOWED in usernames.
Wait, is it?
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